Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Co-Founder's Message

Dear Friends,

Sometimes when you plant a simple seed, you have no idea how it will blossom and flourish. Sometimes you don't realize the impact of the harvest others will reap as a result of a seed you have sown. Sometimes a community comes together to nourish and grow a powerful seed until it blossoms into a dream realized by thousands.

That's how it all began. My late wife, Cora, and I decided to partner with a Connecticut branch of the NAACP to award scholarships to African American youth. The scholarships would help students pursue their dreams of higher education. We hosted a holiday party for our friends and asked them to make a donation as a "contribution" to the festivities.

That evening we raised $2700. More than twenty five years later, the dream continues and the need is still great. What started as a gathering of friends has grown into The Hord Foundation, Inc., which has awarded more than $4 million in scholarships.

Today there are Hord Scholars doing great things all over the country. The dream lives in them. They are educators, business leaders, doctors, lawyers and more. They are our harvest and the fulfillment of the legacy our community has chosen to leave to the next generation.
Sometimes taking one step, having one small goal, can make a tremendous impact in the lives of many. What makes this cause even MORE powerful, is that the impact doesn't end with the Hord Scholars. It extends to the lessons they teach, the lives they touch, the seeds theyplant...Ultimately making the world a better place for all.

We have come so far since our $2700 year one, yet we have only just begun. The need is great, the mission is critical, the impact is ongoing. Please join us and help continue this important work. You will be surprised how the seed of your contribution, time, talents can blossom into a harvest of a a dream realized...of a legacy continued...

Join us as we continue to 'Help Others Realize their Dreams.'

Noel E. Hord
Co-Founder, Hord Foundation, Inc.