The legacy of the Hord Foundation is evidenced by the achievements of its scholarship recipients. Hord scholars have gone on to become lawyers, doctors, actors, educators and business leaders and are making significant contributions to their communities. And the Foundation's impact is spreading - in 1998, Hord Scholars formed an alumni association committed to assisting high school students in a variety of ways by serving as mentors and providing workshops to interested students; the alumni group will thereby stimulate a new group of Hord Scholars.

In order to continue to expand its assistance to deserving students seeking a quality education, The Hord Foundation depends on continued growth in the number and generosity of its supporters. Such generosity was evidenced in 1998 by the creation of a $100,000 endowment fund by the partners of Weeden & Company, an investment firm located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Don Weeden and his wife Pat, a Hord Foundation Advisory Director have been strong supporters of the Foundation and its mission and Mr. Weeden, in honor of Mrs. Weeden, contributed an additional $100,000 to the endowment fund.

It is the contributions, both large and small, of its hundreds of supporters along with the hard work of many dedicated volunteers that have made the Foundation a success. Since 1993 The Hord Foundation has awarded over 1500 Scholarships totaling more than $4 Million dollars.  Today there are Hord Scholars doing great things in their communities all over the country. They are Educators, Lawyers, Professors, Doctors and Business Leaders.  From Fortune 500 companies to esteemed college campuses, from Wall Street to Main Street, our Hord Scholars are making a global impact.

 Patrick Ewing


"Getting (the) degree meant more to me than the NCAA title, being named All-American, or
winning an Olympic medal."
- Patrick Ewing