Corporate Sponsorship

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Area corporations are able to associate with The Hord Foundation's priority to make successful schooling and higher education accessible to more minority students. Corporations are invited to provide general scholarship assistance or designate scholarships for students pursuing a career in a field designated by the corporate sponsor.


Program Characteristics

Corporations submit criteria for their particular scholarship to The Hord Foundation. Scholarship recipients will be selected by The Hord Foundation Selection Committee based on the criteria submitted. Corporate scholarships are solicited at the $2,000 level. Corporations may sponsor an annual competitive award, or may elect to support and initial awardee for multiple years.


Benefits to The Hord Foundation

Allows The Hord Foundation to provide more scholarship opportunities to students wishing to pursue higher education;

  • Encourages students to pursue academic areas consistent with high paying industry demands;
  • Provides corporations a positive association with an effort and organization that are high priority and effective within the community; and
  • Enhances minority representation in the general and specialized talent pools of college graduates.


Benefits to Students and Parents

  • Reduces financing as an obstacle to higher education; and
  • Provides student insights into industry labor needs after graduation.