College Push

College push FINALThe COLLEGE PUSH, an event offered to students and families twice yearly to provide information and technical assistance to students regarding planning, while in middle and high school, to be successful in secondary school and college. The PUSH invites parents and students to engage in dialogues with each other and specialists around student strengths and goals, family resources, and utilizing school and community-based assets and resources to aid in student success and well-being.

COLLEGE PUSH is coordinated with the public school systems in the greater Danbury area. Western Connecticut State University is a major contributor to the success of this event. Community non-profit organizations, civic clubs, and area businesses and corporations also contribute to sponsoring the events. COLLEGE PUSH activities are open to all students.

Event Characteristics

Facilitated large and small group dialogue between and among students and families around topical issues relating to student success; public school administrative and guidance personnel interaction with families; breakfast and lunch; workshops for students, among which have been:

  • College search and selection
  • Essay writing
  • Presenting oneself in the college application process
  • Selecting references
  • Seeking financial assistance
  • Completing the Hord Scholarship Application
  • Maximizing the benefits and assets of the local public system
  • High school course and curriculum selection
  • Time management and study habits
  • Change and adapting to college life
  • Family planning for financing higher education


Benefits to Students and Families

  • Identifies early student and family support mechanisms
  • Encourages early and consistent student success
  • Supports family and student communication
  • Enhances specific skills related to high school and college expectations and competitiveness


Benefits to The Hord Foundation

  • Identifies and engages potential scholarship recipients early
  • Foster collaboration between family, school system and the Foundation
  • Increases the potential of a high quality Hord Application
  • Identifies The Hord Foundation and other community organizations as student/family supports


Schedule: Twice yearly

Number Served: 50 students annually