Scholars Orientation

ORIENTATIONThe Scholars Orientation is provided by Hord Foundation alumni to each candidate for a scholarship prior to the scholarship award event. The event is provided in collaboration with Western Connecticut State University , Office of Minority Affairs. The event provides an opportunity for The Foundation to relate its mission to students and to reiterate student responsibilities - as Hord Scholars - during their college careers and after graduation.

Program Characteristics

Western Connecticut State University is the venue for the Scholars Orientation. Newly selected awardees and their parents learn about the mission of the Hord Foundation and introduce them to its structure. Expectant awardees are further informed that receipt of a Hord Scholarship connects them to The Foundation by its ongoing support of their education and by each recipient, in their scholarship, service and future financial support, collaborating with The Foundation to provide similar opportunities to other students. Expectations relating to the protocols of the scholarship award ceremony are reviewed and discussed. Families are informed how they can contribute to the work of The Foundation. Refreshments are served.

Benefits to The Hord Foundation

  • Initiates new awardees into The Hord Foundation family
  • Clarifies expectations and responsibilities
  • Cultivates new givers among awardees and their families
  • Reinforces collaboration with WCSU

Schedule: Annually (May 19 at Boardview Middle School)

Event Attendance: Approximately 100-125 students and parents